Alternative Lives

Movies have come into our lives and created people who are obsessed, they get tattoos, have all the movies, the books, the jewellery and the clothes that go with a certain film. The latest example of this and even though the movies were released some time ago, they are still creating obsessive fans and this would be the twilight saga. Not only are there people who love the movies and live vicariously through them, they also choose sides, either the vampire or the werewolf and now to top it all off they can also wear the funky contact lenses to go with it you can go to a professional expert when you feel irritated and providing comprehensive quality eye care.

You can get the proper lenses that all the non-human sucking vampires have, the eyes of the vampires that like to make a meal of us mere mortals or you can go the way of the great damn wolf and have those eyes instead, which when you look at them are remarkably like the vegetarian vampire eyes, but hey you work with what you can get.

The crazy bit is that there are people who do this every day, they do the entire wardrobe and live the life, there are clubs you can go to that are vampire themed and you can watch people sucking blood from each other, highly dangerous in an age of transmittable diseases that can kill you, you can be the suckee or the sucker. If that is a bit too real for you then you can just imbibe drinks that resemble blood but are probably tomato juice or something equally disgusting, be careful though there are cults out there that sincerely believe that there are vampires in the world and are just waiting to be found, I will let you go first and see how that works out for you. Then there are the others that are convinced they are vampires and will lead you down all sorts of dark paths you may never come back from.

The fetish is fairly harmless the believers less so, vampires are all about death and blood so it is not as harmless as some people would let you believe, there is the sex factor of course and that would be one hell of a raunchy ride but wear your contacts and a condom and don’t let anyone actually bite you without a medical certificate saying they are clean and clear of anything that is going to kill you later on. In fact stay away from the biting bit altogether, the person might not know what they are doing and bite too deep and then you won’t have to worry about any diseases anyway, you will just bleed to death, bet it isn’t as romantic as you though it would be. 

Your name isn’t Bella, he isn’t Edward and you aren’t in a movie where they yell cut and fix your makeup, dead is dead in the real world.