Choosing Organic Natural Skin Care Products


The skin is supposed to shield and wrap the human bodies and is one of the largest organs of one’s body. Therefore, taking adequate care of the skin ensures maintaining a better overall health as well. The skin is known for its noteworthy capability of digesting anything that is completely or even partly applied on it similar to that of the stomach. According to researches, about 60 percent of the skin care products that are used on the skin are soaked up which gets directly accumulated in one’s circulatory system. These new findings regarding the functioning ways of the skin has given rise to apprehensions regarding the probable long term consequences of the skin related products owing to the presence of various chemicals which are widely used in such products. These facts have been an eye opener and gave enough reasons to embrace natural organic skin products.
Reasons for Choosing Organic Products
Cosmetics or other skin care products does not just stay on the upper layer of the skin but eventually infiltrates to a significant extent. For instance people who wears lipstick actually ends up consuming to a maximum of about four sticks in their lifetime. This is quite alarming owing to the kind of harmful ingredients used in such products which gets absorbed by the skin. Thus, the internalization of natural ingredients such as plant extracts, essential oils and waxes is highly preferred in comparison to harmful chemicals which are usually the by-products of petroleum. Organic skin care products are comparatively healthier as well as safer substitutes owing to the fact that such products are made from natural components.
Organic Products Work Better
Organic skin care products work better compare to the chemically laden products owing to the immense therapeutic powers of the natural components, especially in the form of essential oils which is quite an imperative ingredient in such products. Organic natural skin care products are made from components that are naturally grown without using fertilizers as well as pesticides. This further implies that lesser amount of damage is done to the environment and the soil. Thus, organic natural products are not only beneficial for the human skin but also for the ecological system. The other important factors to opt for organic cosmetics are:
• Helps to heal irritated skin
• Water resistant
• Stays throughout the day on the skin
• Does not damage the skin as no harmful components are included in the making
• Affordable
• Works wonders for people with sensitive skin
• Anti inflammatory
• Does not block pores
• Provides sun protection