The Battle Against IBS; Common Questions Answered

Being diagnosed with IBS can be life changing. It will affect many of the aspects of your life and for some people it becomes a matter of even losing self-confidence. The truth however is that it is manageable, common and not at all life threatening or crippling if you know how to keep things under control. There are many questions that people with IBS have to answer each day and some that they are looking for answers to. Here are some of the most common IBS related questions, answered in brief.

Does this mean that you are handicapped?

No, you aren’t. You will still be walking, talking, looking after yourself, will do a job and go to college and everything else in between. The only thing in sibo test in Melbourne that will deter you from living your life is your mind. Be strong mentally and the condition itself will diminish given that it is a psychosomatic condition.

But many say that IBS is imaginary. Is it?

IBS gets deemed as one of those conditions that are ‘in your head’ because the reasons for it to happen are still somewhat obscure and unknown in medical science which is why the diagnosis is to eliminate other conditions rather than to look for conclusive proof of IBS. Yes, it has a lot to do with stress and how it affects your body but the condition is real. For the people who have it, it is a daily struggle they need to win. Why else would there be functional medicine that are not always inclusive of anti-depressants? Visit 

Will there be no cure for me?

You are your cure. All you need to do is eat healthy, sleep the right amount of hours, direct stressful energy to a healthy place and not fret too much and cut off any unhealthy habits and you will be fine sometimes even without taking pills daily. This is not colon cancer, it’s not Crohn’s either. The IBS condition will not structurally compromise your digestive tract, it will just change the regularity of it and throw it into a bit of chaos.

Can I only eat a few types of food?

No, you are most welcome to experiment. Eating the same plain and bland foods mentioned in a low FODMAP chart that IBS patients are given to follow will wear you out and will also deprive your body of some very much needed variation of nutrients. This is why your doctor will encourage you to maintain a food dairy and try out one different food at a time to eliminate triggers. Then all you need to do is stay away from the food that you had a bad reaction to. The rest you can enjoy sensibly.