The Beauty Of Confidence

From an early age, women have a fascination with make-up. When we are girls we want to play with our mum’s lipstick and mascara, dress ourselves up, just like our mums. As we develop into teenager’s we have the traditional female slumber parties, where we pamper each other, with our hair, our nails and of course, our make-up. As we enter adult hood we see make-up as a part of our routine every day. So, what is it about make-up exactly? Why do we have such an obsession with it and why do we use it. It’s not simply just because we believe it makes us appear more beautiful, it’s also because of the incredible surge of confidence we get from this feeling of beauty.

As women, we are constantly on the go, in demand and tackling life head on. We never stop. Whether we are going to a meeting at work, taking our children to school, visiting family, attending weddings and parties or simply shopping with friends. We have a full and busy life. However, we also have our insecurities, which we are trained to recognize and stress about in a greater deal than men do, and it can be anything. From waking up with a new pimple right in the middle of your face, to simply just looking tired. When we realize these insecurities they hinder our productivity for the day. They stress us out and we are always aware of them, but with such social and demanding lives, we are rarely in a position where we can simply crawl back under the covers and hide out for a while. So, what is the answer? We become make-up artists. We head into our bathrooms, (or if we’re lucky enough we get to go to a real make-up artist) and we put up all sorts of things, from concealer, to foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara. It is our war paint. We apply our make up and suddenly we have this new surge of confidence. Our insecurities are masked and thanks to our side job as a make-up artist, we have the ability to take on anything.

So, what is it about spending an hour in the morning as a make-up artist that changes our sense of self-esteem and makes us feel invincible? It’s because we use make-up to highlight our greatest features. It hides our insecurities and displays what we consider to be our best side. Once, we can forget about those tiny imperfections that nobody else even notices, we are more carefree, happy and we feel stronger. This is the true beauty of make-up. It increases our confidence, makes us feel beautiful and prepares us for the day. This is why women are so excited to visit Thailand cosmetic surgery holidays. They completely pamper us and leave us feeling absolutely gorgeous. The true power of make-up is how beautiful it makes us feel, inside and out.