The Benefits of Home Based Health Care Services


Medical technology has evolved so much in the past few decades that today they are able to provide services in every corner and even at the patient’s home. In home healthcare facilities are in popular culture today with numerous services being provided right at home starting from doctor on call to making a home ICU. It has reduced the trouble of getting the patient to the clinic or the hospital and then staying there for days or even weeks. The team consists of a specialized doctor and few attendants and carry the requisite equipment for home based treatment.
The care of the patient at home can be challenging without the help of professionals and hence these institutes take care of this problem as well. You can use equipment like a wheelchair, lift chairs, etc. for the mobility of patients within the house, but daily tasks like feeding, cleaning and bathing of patients can be troublesome. Home based healthcare service providers take care of even the smallest requirement and set up a hygienic treatment environment for the patient within his or her home. It is sometimes required for patients who do not feel comfortable in the hospital environment and loose health due to stress related to that. Here are few services provided by these institutes:
Services provided by healthcare institutes:
Professionals on call: Medical services are just a call away. You are advised to save few such numbers in your contacts. Most of these service providers have a formidable team of doctors, nurses, bedside caregivers, dentists and physiotherapists. You can also schedule the time of a doctor’s visit to your home. It is very useful for people with limited mobility.
In-home health care services: Most institutes provide specialized home based treatment and make available all the devices used for the treatment of dementia care, stroke rehabilitation, wound management, pulmonary rehabilitation and dental care. They can provide oral medication, oxygen care; take care of the cleaning, grooming, feeding and bathing of the patient as well. They also have the provision of maintaining an atmosphere same as that of an ICU at home for the patient.
Equipment for hire: These service providers even lend medical equipment to the patients to be able to take medication at home itself. Clinical equipment can be quite expensive if bought for personal use and not everyone can afford in addition to the treatment cost. It includes items like bed, wheelchairs, walkers, non-invasive ventilator, oxygen cylinder and concentrator.
Wellness Care Plans: Some services provide regular home based health checkups on a short or long term basis. These are also recommended if the treatment has been done at home.